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Aussie Icons Tours: Australia's Top Animals!

Dec 5 - Dec 8 2022 (4x spots left!)


Join us as we spend four jam-packed days chasing down the unique animals that make Australia so iconic! A small group tour for maximum 6 guests, (led and driven by our expert guide/photographer in a comfortable transit vehicle) we will take you to some of Victoria’s most spectacular and significant wild places, tracking down Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Swamp Wallaby, Emu, Koala, Common Wombat, Short-beaked Echidna, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Laughing Kookaburra, Blue-tongue Lizard, Brown Fur Seal, Little Penguin, Platypus, Southern Greater Glider, Southern Brown Bandicoot, and a lot more, along the way!

Expect to get up close and personal with Australia’s exceptional wildlife whilst travelling in style, enjoy breathtaking views of rainforest gullies, enormous Mountain Ash forest, endless coastline, sparkling Bass Strait ocean, and night skies speckled with a million stars.  Incredible photo opportunities, with all meals, accommodation, and equipment included. We will even sample the classic ‘coat-of-arms’ pizza for those adventurous enough to try it!

The tour departs dawn from Melbourne on 5th December and returns early evening on the 8th December.

Trip Details:

  • All accommodation included (private rooms, no twin share)
  • All breakfast, lunch, (and some dinners) included
  • All travel included
  • Travel in a small 3-6 private group
  • No big tour buses and large groups
  • Unbelievable photography opportunities
  • Led by an expert guide and professional photographer
  • Get up close with some of the rarest and most unique animals on the planet
  • Access to private reserves & national park fees included
  • All field equipment included (scopes, spotlights, bat detectors, thermal monocular, field guides, etc)
  • Wildlife Watching Ethics: all animals/habitats treated with respect and low disturbance
  • Checklists & trip reports provided at the end of the trip
  • First Aid & Covid-Safe experience
  • A moderate level of fitness required (walking each day, though slow paced for wildlife)

Highlight Species:

Mammals: Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Common Wombat, Koala, Swamp Wallaby, Platypus, Sugar Glider, Southern Greater Glider, Brown Fur Seal, Short-beaked Echidna, Common Brushtail Possum, Common Ringtail Possum, Grey-headed Flying Fox, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Humpback Whale, Eastern Pygmy Possum

Birds: Superb Lyrebird, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Laughing Kookaburra, Emu, Rose Robin, Powerful Owl, Tawny Frogmouth, Australian Boobook, Little Penguin, Cape Barren Goose, Gang-gang Cockatoo, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Eastern Whipbird, Australian King Parrot, Crimson Rosella, Pink Robin

Reptiles: Lace Monitor, Tiger Snake, Blue-tonged Lizard, Common Snake-necked Turtle, Lowlands Copperhead, Southern Water Skink, Red-bellied Black Snake, Eastern Water Dragon

Amphibians: Ewing’s Tree Frog, Pobblebonk, Common Eastern Froglet, Spotted Grass Frog, Striped Marsh Frog, Growling Grass Frog,

Aussie Icon Tours: Australia's Top Animals!

Trip At A Glance:


Nicola & Nick Francis
February 2022
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Beyond life changing! Unbelievable experience! Watching a platypus on the first evening whilst kookaburra called in the background was an unforgettable experience! Thank you Treeswift!