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Victoria is one of Australia’s most impressive birding states. Though it only makes up around 3% of the continent, this small state still records over 400 species annually, including some of the rarest and most spectacular species in the world, many of which are endemic. For birders, Treeswift Wildlife can help connect you with these incredible species in whatever fashion best suits your targets, budget, time frames, and requirements. We service everyone from beginners to seasoned-pro’s, classic birders to bird photographers, and from half days, full days, and multi-day options!

Classic Birding:

Melbourne is one of Australia’s best cities for both birds and birders – and for good reason! Over a half or full day, we can take you to some of the region’s top hotspots and help you connect with some rarest and most exceptional endemic species on the planet. Travel east and you’re into the cool temperate rainforest that runs through the high country and coast of Victoria – home to specialist endemics such as Superb Lyrebird, Pilotbird, Bassian Thrush, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Pink Robin, and Greater Sooty Owl. Travel north and you’re into the dry country – territory for Painted Buttonquail, Crested Bellbird, Purple-gaped Honeyeater, Red-capped Robin, and White-browed Babbler. Head west towards the You Yangs & Brisbane Ranges where you can find Swift Parrot, Spotted Quailthrush, Rainbow Bee-eater, and 5+ species of cuckoo during summer. Check out the coast and wetland reserves for Cape Barren Goose, Pinkeared Duck, Hooded Plover, Spotted Harrier, Banded Stilt, and if you’re lucky, the critically endangered Orange-bellied Parrot! Whatever you’re after, we’ve got you covered!

The Western Treatment Plant:

The Western Treatment Plant is one of the world’s most renowned birding locations – and for good reason. Covering a significant 10,000+ hectares of lakes, settling ponds, coastline, rivers, grasslands, swamps, saltmarsh, and sparse woodland, this ‘sewage’ farm is a true mecca for birds and birders alike. Expect to see up to 100 species in a single day visit through Spring and Summer, with enormous flocks of migrating shorebirds, thousands of ducks and waterfowl, skies etched with birds of prey, saltmarsh crawling with rails and crakes, rivers lined with spoonbills, brolga, geese, and avocets, and grasslands with ibis, lapwings, robins, parrots, and finches (just to name a few!). More significantly, this is the last refuge of the critically endangered Orange-bellied Parrot (less than 50 birds left in the wild), who migrate annually from Tasmania to winter on the mainland – a rare sight indeed! For an incredible day where you will fill every last bit of space on your camera’s memory card without ever having to leave the car, contact Treeswift Wildlife for an unforgettable birding experience! Highlight species include…well, everything!

Wet Forest Tour:

Visit some of Victoria’s most ancient and spectacular rainforest. Over the course of a half or full day, we will visit the remarkable ranges of Mountain Ash and meet the wild inhabitants who call this extraordinary harbourage home. Highlight species include Superb Lyrebird, Rufous Fantail, Satin Flycatcher, Common Cicadabird, Brush Cuckoo, Red-browed Treecreeper, Pink Robin, Rose Robin, Eastern Whipbird, Bassian Thrush, Pilotbird, Large-billed Scrubwren, Olive Whistler, Crescent Honeyeater, Gang-gang Cockatoo, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Grey Goshawk, Australian King Parrot, Beautiful Firetail, Southern Emu-wren


Melbourne’s eastern forest are home to some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife. Join us for a spotlighting adventure where we will target bird species including Greater Sooty Owl, Powerful Owl, Australian Boobook, White-throated Nightjar, Eastern Barn Owl, and Australian Owlet-nightjar. All spotlighting equipment included!

Big Birding Day:

We get it, you like birds! So why don’t we make a day of it? And by day, we mean a BIG day! A day where we try to see as many species as possible within the Greater Melbourne region! We will travel to wetlands, woodland, wet forest, coastal reserves, dry forest, lakes, and saltmarsh trying to connect with as many species as possible. Expect a start before dawn for owls and frogmouths before hitting the ground at dawn. This high-octane trip is not for the faint-hearted but for the obsessed, driven, and those a little bird mad! A Big Day can result in 150+ species – so what are you waiting for?

Custom Birding Tours & Multiple Days:

Need more than a day, or two? We can help you out! Join us on a multi-day tour as we explore some of the country’s most inspiring locations whilst connecting with some of the world’s most exceptional species! These are custom tours to suit your budgets, time frames, target species, and all our requirements. Both hardcore tours for rarities and photography bookings welcomed. Get in touch today for more details!

Birding Tours

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Josh C
April 2022
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Honestly wasn't sure what to expect when the day began, but was blown away at the incredible birdlife only about 2 hours into the morning. Many highlights from day but would have to say the dancing Brolga were number 1!!
Crimson Rosella - juvenile from a half day birding tour to the Dandenong Ranges National Park