Our Team

Jack Nguyen & Trinh Nguyen

Owners & Co-Founders (Vietnam)

Treeswift Wildlife & Nature was co-founded by Jack Nguyen and Trinh Nguyen in early 2019 in Vietnam. The dream was do Wildlife Watching Tours differently and to re-imagine what can be achieved when you put aside bottom-lines, hectic schedules, packed tour buses, and re-focus on conservation, education, respect for wildlife and ecology, small group experiences, and most importantly, help people of all interest and experience levels connect with the natural world.

Both Jack and Trinh have backgrounds in conservation, guiding, business, and tourism, and are currently managing the tours and conservation projects based in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. They can be contacted by emailing [email protected]

Angus Hamilton

Wildlife Guide (Melbourne, Australia)

Angus Hamilton is passionate about wildlife education and sharing stories to inform, inspire, and engage people with the world around them. His love for animals big and small started from a young age. Lots of time was spent racing around the zoo each weekend, pouring over encyclopaedias to learn animal facts, or re-enacting Steve Irwin at any and every opportunity. As he grew, his passion for wildlife remained the same despite being in the background. After completing a Bachelor of International Relations, Angus followed his heart and threw himself back into his passion whilst conducting ecological research in Madagascar. These experiences lead him to strongly believe that connecting with wildlife isn’t just for childhood dreams but for everyone. 

Angus is now a conservation filmmaker (Life Gone Wild) sharing incredible stories of wildlife and those working to protect them. He has a particular interest in herpetofauna, mammals, and birds. 

April Whitmore

Wildlife Guide & Administration Manager (Melbourne, Australia)

Languages: English, Japanese (日本語)

April Whitmore is one of our specialist birding guides and part of the Treeswift Wildlife & Nature office team based in Melbourne. Currently studying a Bachelor of Wildlife Conservation Biology, she is passionate about all Australian wildlife, though has a particular focus for birds and marsupials. She is proficient in both English and Japanese and has volunteered extensively with the Surf Coast Wildlife Rescue. In her spare time, April enjoys camping, hiking and spotlighting for nocturnal wildlife.

Jay Wilford

Wildlife & Photography Guide (Melbourne, Australia)

Languages: English, Deutsch, Tiếng Việt, Bahasa

Jay Wilford is a wildlife guide, photographer and naturalist with a particular interest in birds and mammals. He is a principal guide for the Treeswift Wildlife & Nature Australia team and coordinates many of our photography weekends, extended tours and fundraising conservation events.

An avid wildlife lover from a young age, he grew up in Australia where his parents let him wander around the country looking for tree kangaroos, crocodiles, cassowaries and other animals. Since then, he has spent much of the past 15 years travelling the world looking for (and showing other people) some of the world’s most unique wildlife. An avid wildlife watcher, he is particularly knowledgeable on birds, mammals, and reptiles, but also frogs, sharks, rays, fungi, molluscs, and other living things.

Jonathan Aitken

Wildlife & Photography Guide (Melbourne, Australia)

Jonathan Aitken is the son of an art photographer, who has been shooting nature photography for over 20 years, both underwater and on land. Originally a New Zealander, he moved to Melbourne in the 90’s, discovering over time the wide variety of easily accessible and amazing wildlife that lives there. Making wildlife photography accessible for everyone within an ethical framework is his focus.

Ruby Van

Managing Director & Guide (Australia)

Languages: English, Tiếng Việt

As a professional with over 10 years’ experience in higher education, business and ecotourism, Ruby is a dedicated nature and animal lover with a particular passion for wombats! Now based in Melbourne, Ruby is the Managing Director for Treeswift Wildlife & Nature (Australia) and enjoys working with our guests, partners, and guiding team to always improve and grow the wildlife watching experiences offered in Australia.

Besides coordinating the management responsibilities, Ruby also enjoys getting out into the field and leading our ‘Bubs in the Bush!’ nature walks for mums and bubs around Melbourne.

Thomas Doerig

Specialist Birding Guide (Far North Queensland, Australia)

Languages: English, Español, Français

Thomas Doerig is a passionate and experienced birder based in Cairns, Queensland. He has been birding for as long as he can remember, and has lived in five countries spanning three continents. Thomas is an expert at identifying birds in their natural habitats and enjoys sharing this knowledge with others. He believes the passion for birds can and does bring people together in a unique and unparalleled way.

Thomas is also the host and founder of The Birding Today Podcast, a show all about the joy of birding. 

Interested in joining our team?

Treeswift Wildlife & Nature is a wildlife watching and nature organisation, committed to helping people connect with the natural world. We specialise in world-class wildlife and nature tours around Victoria, Australia, and Southeast Asia, offering a diverse variety of trips ranging from birdwatching and mammal watching, to spotlighting, photography courses, multi-day tours, and other unique nature experiences.

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and professional individuals who are passionate about wildlife and the natural world to join our team, both in Victoria, Australia-wide, and even overseas. Treeswift Wildlife & Nature is an equal opportunity employer where we welcome and recognise the diversity of our workforce and community.

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