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Phillip Island Wildlife Photography Weekend

Small Group Photography Course

Next Dates: May 20-21 2023, Sept 16-17 2023

An Unforgettable Weekend Experience

Looking for an immersive and hands-on wildlife photography course? Look no further than our Phillip Island Wildlife & Nature Photography Weekend! Led by an expert guide and professional photographer, this course offers small group instruction in some of the most spectacular wild and scenic locations across the magnificent Phillip Island.

Throughout the weekend, we’ll visit several locations, each with its own collection of unique and wonderful wildlife. Expect to get up close and personal with a variety of fascinating creatures, including Koalas, Little Penguins, Eastern Barred Bandicoots, Swamp Wallabies, White’s Skinks, Brown Fur Seals, Royal Spoonbills, and Short-beaked Echidnas.

Our practical, real-world field experience sets us apart from other photography courses. Rather than sitting in a classroom, we’ll take you out into nature and help you apply tried and tested techniques to real life situations and wildlife encounters. You’ll learn how to track down your subjects ethically, how to use your camera to its full potential, and how to capture stunning shots of wildlife in their natural habitats.

All extra field equipment, including tripods, scopes, binoculars, field guides, spotlights/torches, and checklists, are included in the course fee. So why wait? Sign up today and discover the wonders of wildlife photography on Phillip Island!

Itinerary & Details:

Friday May 19th:
7.00pm – Optional ‘Meet The Group!’ dinner in Cowes (restaurant TBC)

Saturday May 20th:
8.00am-11.30am: Morning Class
11.30am-1.30pm: Lunch Break
1.30pm-4.00pm: Afternoon Class  
6.00pm – 9.00pm: Spotlighting/Nocturnal Wildlife Class

Sunday May 21st:
8.00am-11.00am – Morning Class
11.00am-12.00pm – Travel Break
12.00-1.00pm – Group Lunch
1.30pm-4.00pm – Afternoon Class

Locations are all across Phillip Island, or within 30 minutes drive from the mainland crossing. Specific locations will be formally confirmed 4 weeks~ before start date, due to seasonal and current wildlife conditions.

Sounds good! What else can I expect?

This weekend is for people of all levels of experience, all camera-types, and all natural interests (animals, plants, landscape – we gotcha!). You will receive over 14hrs of real-life field experience that will help you develop lifelong photography and wildlife watching skills. Also, sign up and receive “Treeswift Wildlife & Nature – Basic Guide to Wildlife & Nature Photography eBook” for you to refer to both during and after the weekend. 

Unit Breakdown:

  • Location, Location: where to go & how to locate wildlife
  • Take That Shot!: how to interact with wildlife without disturbing your subjects
  • Photos In The Field: understanding what it means to photograph in the field – weather, habitat, natural light, etc
  • Reactionary Principlesexpect the unexpected when dealing with nature
  • Crafting Your Shot: composition, lighting, framing, and natural settings
  • Safety First: Keeping safe in the field
  • Tools Of The Trade: equipment & gear – maintenance, set up, tripods, lenses/camera, finding the best set up for you, getting the most out of your equipment, etc
  • Wildlife Watching Ethics: ethics in the field – respecting nature, conservation, and your subjects
  • Post-Production: editing software recommendations, storing your photos, publishing, licencing, etc

Travel, Accomodation, FAQ, and Prices:

How do we get to Phillip Island and between the locations?
Travel is not an included service offered on this weekend. Participants will be expected to travel to and between the site locations by use of their own vehicles. If you have any queries on this or foresee this being an issue, we encourage you to get in touch. For an additional fee, we may be able to accommodate some participants travelling from Melbourne.

How does accommodation work?
Accommodation is not included in the service offered on this weekend. This is because we want our guests to choose accommodation that best suits their circumstances, as we often have couples, partners, individuals, etc on this trip, as well as local participants who do not require this service. We can however book or help book appropriate accommodation for those that require assistance. All guests are recommended to book accommodation either on Phillip Island or within a 20 minute drive to the island crossing.

Do I need to be a photographer, or can I just come to enjoy the wildlife and scenery?
You do not need to strictly be a photographer to attend this course, however the focus will be on capturing the scenery, nature, and wildlife on film – so expect most of the time and attention to focus on this. However, we often have a few members who do attend just for the experience and encounters and from all reports, equally enjoy the experience.

Can my spouse/partner come along?
Similar to above, this is an exceptional weekend out for nature lovers in general. If you wish to bring your partner/spouse/friend/etc along as a participant, we highly recommend so, even if you are the one focusing more actively on photography. There is an enormous amount to just see, learn, and appreciate, so this can be a great weekend away for a family, partners, friends, etc.

What is the pricing and inclusions?
This weekend costs $480 per participant. This price includes all guiding and tuition, all national park entry fees, all 14hr+ field time, use of spotlighting/torches equipment, scope, binoculars, checklists, field guides, tripods, food/snacks/drinks in the field such as water/soft drink/tea/coffee, snacks, etc, a copy of our “Basic Guide to Wildlife & Nature Photography eBook”, a Treeswift Coffee Mug, and lunch on the final day. You may also be interested in purchasing a Treeswift Wildlife jumper for the weekend – details and sizing’s TBC.  

Do you offer any extensions or private guiding/classes before or after the trip?If you’re interested in private guiding, we can organise half or full day guiding/photography outings in the days leading up to the weekend in the area. Like above, it is subject to availability and first-in-best-get. Prices are $300 for 6hrs private guiding, or $520 for full day.

I still have more questions?
Please get in touch! Feel free to call us on (03) 7018 2302 or email us on [email protected]

Phillip Island: Wildlife Photography Weekend

Next Dates:

> May 19-21 2023
> Sept 15-17 2023

Course At A Glance:


Sharon MNovember 2021
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Jack is a brilliant instructor and amazing to watch guide! Very knowledgeable and nothing is every too much trouble. He takes the time address everyone in the group and makes sure we can always see the wildlife and get good photos before moving on. What was really exciting was all the tips and tricks to finding the animals. Ideas I had never even considered helped me to get some of the photos of my life! We will be back soon!
John PFebruary 2022
Read More
The weekend workshop with Treeswift was practical, informative and bursting over with animals! The team really know their stuff and I can't recommend this workshop enough. So much action and so much information, each location packed full of great techniques and observations. I wish I had done this sooner!