Trip Report:


29th - 31st December 2020


Tasmania – Australia’s smallest and southernmost state, this island is a 68,401 km² mecca for wildlife watchers. Known for its birds, mammals, rivers, butterflies, plants, spectacular scenery, and just about everything else a nature-lover could want, the state prides itself for its almost pristine natural conditions, with an incredible 43% of the island made up of protected national parks and World Heritage Sites.

This trip report is summarised from a short three day trip during the summer holiday season and based around the Hobart region of southern Tasmania.

Highlight Species:

Birds: White-headed Petrel, Morepork, Dusky Robin, Pink Robin, Black Currawong, Green Rosella, Yellow-throated Honeyeater, Tasmanian Thornbill, Tasmanian Scrubwren, Bassian Thrush, Scarlet Robin, Beautiful Firetail

Mammals: Eastern Quoll, Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Red-bellied Pademelon, Afro-Australian Fur Seal, New Zealand Fur Seal, Short-beaked Common Dolphin

Reptiles: Ocellated Cool-skink, White’s Rock-skink, Agile Cool-skink, Blotched Bluetongue

Amphibians: Ewing’s Tree Frog, Pobblebonk

Fish: Southern Hulafish, Spotted Galaxias, Globefish

Starfish: Northern Pacific Seastar

Tasmania (AUS)

Trip Stats:



Hobart International Airport, Richmond, Hobart, Museum of New Art (MONA), Mount Field National Park

Queens Domain, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens,  Tasmanian Bushland Garden, Orford, Swansea 

kunanyi/Mount Wellington, Waterworks Reserve, Peter Murrell Reserves, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman National Park, Tasmanian Devil Unzoo,  Eaglehawk Pelagic, Hobart International Airport

Species Lists:


Cape Barren GooseTasmanian Devil Unzoo
Black SwanMONA, Orielton Lagoon
Maned DuckOrielton Lagoon, Waterworks Reserve, Peter Murrell Reserves
Pacific Black DuckRichmond, Kingston beach, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Waterworks Reserve, Peter Murrell Reserves
Chestnut TealRichmond, Franklin Wharf (Hobart), Peter Murrell Reserves
Australasian GrebeTasmanian Bushland Garden
Hoary-headed GrebePeter Murrell Reserves
Great Crested GrebeOrielton Lagoon
Rock DoveHobart
Spotted DoveSalamanca, MONA
Common BronzewingKunanyi/Mount Wellington, Waterworks Reserve
Horsfield’s Bronze Cuckoo – Swansea
Shining Bronze CuckooTasmanian Devil Unzoo
Fan-tailed CuckooTasmanian Bushland Garden, Tasmanian Devil Unzoo
Tasmanian NativehenKingston Beach, Montagu Bay, MONA, Peter Murrell Reserve, Tasmanian Devil Unzoo
Eurasian CootRichmond, Waterworks Reserve, Peter Murrell Reserves
Pied OystercatcherOrielton Lagoon
Sooty OystercatcherEaglehawk Neck & Tasman National Park
Masked LapwingRichmond, MONA, Queens Domain, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Orford, Waterworks Reserve, Salamanca, Eaglehawk Neck
Red-capped PloverOrford
Black-fronted DotterelRichmond
Silver GullEverywhere
Pacific GullHobart, Eaglehawk Neck
Kelp GullHobart, Queens Domain, Eaglehawk Neck & Tasman National Park, Orford, Kingston Beach
Great Crested TernHobart, Eaglehawk Neck & Tasman National Park, Orielton Lagoon
Shy AlbatrossTasman National Park
Black-browed AlbatrossTasman National Park
White-headed PetrelTasman National Park
Short-tailed ShearwaterTasman National Park
Australasian GannetEaglehawk Neck & Tasman National Park
Little Pied CormorantOrford, Peter Murrell Reserves
Great CormorantKingston Beach, Eaglehawk Neck
Little Black CormorantOrford
Black-faced CormorantEaglehawk Neck, Hobart, Orford, MONA
White-faced HeronMONA, Hobart, Murdunna, Orielton Lagoon
Wedge-tailed EagleTasmanian Bushland Garden
Swamp HarrierHobart International Airport
MoreporkMount Field National Park
Laughing KookaburraQueens Domain, Buckland, Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, Tasmanian Devil Unzoo
Brown FalconBuckland
Yellow-tailed Black CockatooOrford
GalahQueens Domain
Little CorellaKingston Beach
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo – Kingston Beach, Queens Domain, Tasmanian Bushland Garden, Kunanyi/Mt Wellington, Waterworks, Murdunna
Green RosellaKunanyi/Mount Wellington, Tasmanian Devil Unzoo, Peter Murrell Reserve
Eastern RosellaQueens Domain
Musk LorikeetRichmond, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Triabunna
Rainbow LorikeetRichmond
Superb FairywrenSeen at most sites
Eastern SpinebillTasmanian Bushland Garden, Swansea
Noisy MinerKingston Beach, Queens Domain, Tasmanian Bushland Garden
Little WattlebirdSeen at most sites
Yellow WattlebirdQueens Domain, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden, Mount Wellington, Peter Murrell Reserves, Waterworks Reserve
White-fronted ChatOrielton Lagoon
Crescent HoneyeaterWaterworks Reserve, Kunanyi/Mt Wellington
New Holland HoneyeaterTasmanian Bushland Garden, Peter Murrell Reserves, Tasmanian Devil Unzoo
Yellow-throated HoneyeaterQueens Domain, Peter Murrell Reserves, Tasmanian Devil Unzoo
Black-headed HoneyeaterTasmanian Bushland Garden
Spotted PardaloteQueens Domain, Peter Murrell Reserves
Striated PardalotePeter Murrell Reserves, Swansea
Tasmanian ScrubwrenEaglehawk Neck, Kunanyi/Mt Wellington
Brown ThornbillQueens Domain, Hobart, Peter Murrell Reserves, Tasmanian Devil Unzoo
Tasmanian ThornbillKunanyi/Mt Wellington
Grey ShrikethrushPeter Murrell Reserves
Olive WhistlerTasmanian Devil Unzoo
Australian Golden WhistlerTasmanian Devil Unzoo
Dusky WoodswallowPeter Murrell Reserves
Grey Butcherbird – Queens Domain, Waterworks Reserve, Murdunnna
Australian Magpie – Hobart International Airport, Kingston Beach, Montagu Bay, Waterworks Reserve, Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
Black CurrawongKunanyi/Mt Wellington
Grey Currawong Peter Murrell Reserves, Waterworks Reserve
Grey FantailSeen at almost every site
Forest RavenSeen at almost every site
Scarlet RobinTasmanian Bushland Garden
Flame RobinKunanyi/Mt Wellington, Eaglehawk Neck
Pink RobinKunanyi/Mt Wellington
Dusky RobinKunanyi/Mt Wellington
Eurasian SkylarkRichmond, Hobart International Airport
Welcome SwallowSeen at almost every site
SilvereyeSalamanca, Hobart, MONA, Queens Domain, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Kunanyi/Mt Wellington, Murdunna
Common StarlingMost sites (anywhere near suburbs
Bassian ThrushKunanyi/Mt Wellington
Common BlackbirdRichmond, Salamanca, Hobart, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Waterworks Reserve, Peter Murrell Reserves, Hobart International Airport
Beautiful FiretailOrford 
House SparrowMost sites
Common GoldfinchHobart International Airport, MONA, Tasmanian Bushland Garden, Orford, Swansea, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmanian devil Unzoo
Common GreenfinchHobart International Airport


Short-beaked EchidnaRichmond
Eastern QuollMount Field National Park
Tasmanian DevilMurdunna (deceased)
Southern Brown BandicootQueens Domain
Eastern Barred Bandicoot – Mount Field National Park
Common Wombat – Mount Field National Park (deceased)
Common Brushtail PossumMount Field National Park, Waterworks Reserve, various parks in Hobart CBD
Common Ringtail PossumWaterworks Reserve
Red-bellied Pademelon – Mount Field National Park, Mount Wellington
European Rabbit – Richmond, Sorrell, Hobart International Airport
European HareBuckland (probable)
Common Water RatKingston Beach
Afro-Australian Fur SealEaglehawk Neck, Tasman National Park
New Zealand Fur SealEaglehawk Neck, Tasman National Park
Short-beaked Common DolphinEaglehawk Neck, Tasman National Park
Common Bottlenose DolphinEaglehawk Neck, Tasman National Park


White’s Rock-skinkTasmanian Bushland Garden
Ocellated Cool-skinkTasmanian Bushland Garden
Agile Cool-skinkTasmanian Devil Unzoo
Blotched BluetongueGoodwood (deceased)


GlobefishFranklin Wharf (Hobart)
Southern HulafishFranklin Wharf (Hobart)
Spotted GalaxiasTasmanian Devil Unzoo


Northern Pacific SeastarFranklin Wharf (Hobart)


Red Jewel-bug – Tasmanian Bushland Garden
Common Brown – Tasmanian Bushland Garden
Buff-tailed Bumble Bee – Hobart
Diarsia intermixtaKunanyi/Mt Wellington