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Greater Glider Nocturnal Walks

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Healesville, Victoria


In June 2022, Australia’s largest gliding mammal, the Greater Glider, was officially listed as endangered by the federal government. After battling loss of habitat due to logging, urban expansion, and the impacts of climate change, this already vulnerable animal lost more than 30% of its remaining habitat during the Black Summer bushfires.

This magnificent mammal is found only along the east coast of Australia, has huge fluffy ears, a metre-long tail, and comes in both a dark and light morph. Recently re-classified as three species (Northern, Central, and Southern Greater Glider), it is the Central and Southern varieties that are now moving ever-closer towards extinction.  

Since our beginnings, Treeswift Wildlife and Nature have led dozens of tours specifically into the heart of their remaining habitat and have watched as our guests wonder at these extraordinary animals. We believe the key to conservation is having an appreciation and respect for the wonderful animals that share our planet.

So, we’ve decided to join the fight in protecting Australia’s own Greater Glider!

Come and join us on a nocturnal walk and special fundraising event! On this evening walk, we’ll be showing you this incredible animal in the wild on our guided nocturnal walks through the remnant mountain ash forest around Healesville in Melbourne’s outer east.

Come, see, learn, photograph, and appreciate this now endangered flying marsupial and help raise money for the Wildlife Crisis Appeal hosted by WWF Australia and to help with conservation efforts currently being undertaken by the Kinglake Friends of the Forest. Participation cost is $100 pp, and we’ll be donating 50% of each booking to this fantastic project. You can see our running total of funds raised to date on this page (in the side banner) or by visiting our Stats Page. 

Other wildlife highlights will include Yellow-bellied Glider, Mountain Brushtail Possum, Krefft’s Glider, Greater Sooty Owl, Australian Boobook, Powerful Owl, and more – all of which benefit from the Greater Glider’s habitat being protected!

Urgent action is needed to stop this unique species from being lost forever! So join us in understanding and appreciating this incredible animal, whilst raising awareness and funds to ensure that future generations can still find them in Australia’s magnificent wild places.  

What's Involved?

  • Guided noctunral walk through Mountain Ash forest
  • Meeting in Healesville (Yarra Ranges) – travel help can be arranged on request
  • Run time: 8.00pm-11.00pm (during Daylight Savings) / 7.00pm-10.00pm during winter
  • Wildlife Watching Ethics: all animals/habitats treated with respect and low disturbance
  • 10x spots only to keep wildlife disturbance at a minimum
  • Spotlights, torches, equipment, etc provided by Treeswift Wildlife
  • Unbelievable photography opportunities
  • Tea, coffee, snacks, soft drink, water all included
  • First Aid & Covid-Safe experience

Upcoming Dates & Remaining Spots:

> Saturday, 4th November 2023 — SOLD OUT

Email info@treeswiftwildlife.com to go on our waiting list for future outings

Greater Glider Nocturnal Walks:

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