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Treeswift Wildlife & Nature is a wildlife watching and nature adventure organisation, committed to conservation, education and helping people connect with the natural world.

We specialise in world-class nature tours around Victoria, Australia, and Southeast Asia, offering a diverse variety of trips ranging from birding, mammal watching, spotlighting, photography courses, pelagic seabird & whale trips, herping & frog tours, photography tours, custom target species trips, and other unique nature experiences. 

Beyond touring, Treeswift Wildlife manager and partners with various conservation projects, coordinates education programs, and maintains a website of resources for birders, mammal watchers, herpers, nature-lovers, and to all those who seek the wild!

Mallee Country: Wildlife Week

— August 21-25 2023 —

Join us on a journey through the vast, stunning landscape of the Mallee region, where you’ll have the chance to witness some of Australia’s most unique and endangered wildlife in their natural habitat. From extraordinary Pink Cockatoo to elusive Mallee Emuwren, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these incredible creatures as we explore the wilderness together.

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Join the 2023 #TreeswiftChallenge

In 2023, join the Treeswift Wildlife & Nature in a game of wildlife watching bingo as we challenge ourselves to get the most out of our love of wildlife and nature in a fun and creative new way! Just like a normal game of bingo, participants have to tick off as many squares as possible with each one posing a different challenge to complete. Each player has the full year to try and tick off as many of the squares as possible.

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