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Treeswift Wildlife & Nature is a wildlife watching and nature adventure organisation, committed to helping people connect with the natural world.

We specialise in world-class nature tours around Victoria, Australia, and Southeast Asia, offering a diverse variety of trips ranging from birdwatching and mammal watching, to spotlighting, photography courses, cross-country tours, and other unique nature experiences. We also feature day (or night!) guiding and customised tours to suit all your target needs.

Beyond touring, Treeswift also manages and partners with various conservation projects, coordinates education programs, and maintains this website, a resource for birders, mammal watchers, herpers, nature-lovers, and to all those who seek the wild!

Phillip Island Wildlife Photography Weekend

— Oct 22-23 2022 —

An experience like no other! Learn how to get up close and personal with wildlife and improve your photography technique all whilst exploring Phillip Island. Private tuition in a small group setting.

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