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Treeswift Wildlife & Nature is a wildlife watching and nature adventure organisation, committed to conservation, education and helping people connect with the natural world.

We specialise in world-class nature tours around Victoria, Australia, and Southeast Asia, offering a diverse variety of trips ranging from birding, mammal watching, spotlighting, photography courses, pelagic seabird & whale trips, herping & frog tours, photography tours, custom target species trips, and other unique nature experiences. 

Beyond touring, Treeswift Wildlife manager and partners with various conservation projects, coordinates education programs, and maintains a website of resources for birders, mammal watchers, herpers, nature-lovers, and to all those who seek the wild!

Wild Tasmania

— April 15-19 2023 —

Tasmania is vast, magnificent, and wild – an island state that plays host to extraordinarily unique wildlife, outstanding natural beauty, and endless wildlife watching & photographic opportunity. Come and join us as we show you the very best of the wild greatness of Tasmania and its wildlife.

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Currently, there are three extant species of Wombat: The ‘Northern hairy-nosed Wombat’ (Lasiorhinus krefftii) listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ The ‘Southern hairy-nosed Wombat’ (Lasiorhinus latifrons) listed as

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Join the 2023 #TreeswiftChallenge

In 2023, join the Treeswift Wildlife & Nature in a game of wildlife watching bingo as we challenge ourselves to get the most out of our love of wildlife and nature in a fun and creative new way! Just like a normal game of bingo, participants have to tick off as many squares as possible with each one posing a different challenge to complete. Each player has the full year to try and tick off as many of the squares as possible.

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