MadSadSharks: Instagram Meets Conservation

MadSadSharks: Instagram Meets Conservation

Treeswift Wildlife: There are many things we’re passionate about at Treeswift Wildlife & Nature – and one of those things, is the opportunity to meet with people from all around the world. Today, we meet with Meg from Sludgework to discuss her latest project, MadSadSharks – a new graphic design page that promotes conservation through anthropomorphic (and entertaining!) imagery of ocean animals. As always, we’re thrilled to see future generations promoting the idea of habitat and wildlife conservation, particularly through new and contemporary formats! So, let’s get right into it! Welcome Meg! To begin, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

MadSadSharks: Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak about MadSadSharks! So, who am I, and what do I do? In 2018 I began freelancing as a graphic designer specialising in pen and ink. I wanted to start my own business and provide artwork for bands, brands and individuals who are within the horror and metal music niche. I’ve always drawn since I was a small child, so it felt natural to make this step. However, in June this year I wanted to use my love of drawing to highlight something which I am very passionate about. So I started, MadSadSharks!

Treeswift Wildlife: And what is MadSadSharks?

MadSadSharks: MadSadSharks is my illustration project by which I take issues relating to ocean pollution, plastic pollution, corporate greed, over consumption and climate change and use simple cartoon graphics to show how impactful they can be on marine life.

Treeswift Wildlife: Why ocean preservation? Why is it so important to you? And why should others care about it, in your opinion.

MadSadSharks: Ocean preservation is extremely important to me. It is vital to all life on this planet, and it’s disturbing just how flippant humans can be to their effects on the ocean. I love whales, sharks, cetaceans etc and wanted to use art to help bring them to life in the form of relatable, simple illustrations, which reflect our lifestyles – basically give them human characteristics such as jobs and hobbies. This is called anthropomorphism.

Treeswift Wildlife: And why did you choose Instagram to host this particular project?

MadSadSharks: Having used Instagram and other social media for a number of years, I know from experience that relatable cute graphics can grab attention and lead to the viewer reading and learning more. If MadSadSharks can inspire just one person to make a change for the betterment of the ocean and therefore the planet, then that’s amazing.

Treeswift Wildlife: Thanks for talking to us today and telling us all about MadSadSharks as well as Sludgework! Where can we check out your work and see more of MadSadSharks in the future?

MadSadSharks: At the moment MadSadSharks is only on Instagram, but I will be adding a section to my website and branching out to other platforms. In the near future, I also hope to make more prints and artwork of which profits will continue to be donated to various conservation charities and projects. Possibly a book which will be suitable for all ages.

Treeswift Wildlife: It all sounds fantastic and we look forward to watching the project grow! Thanks for catching up with us today and best of luck for all your future endeavours!

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