The ‘Common Wombat’…what’s in a name?

Currently, there are three extant species of Wombat: The ‘Northern hairy-nosed Wombat’ (Lasiorhinus krefftii) listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ The ‘Southern hairy-nosed Wombat’ (Lasiorhinus latifrons) listed as ‘Near Threatened’ The ‘Common Wombat’ (Vombatus Ursinus) listed at ‘Least Concern’. The ‘Common Wombat’, was first documented by colonial settler, George Shaw in 1800. The perception this title creates, is that …

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Noel Campana: Douc In Danger – Fighting Against Extinction

Treeswift Wildlife: Hi Noel and welcome to Treeswift Wildlife & Nature. We’re thrilled and excited to be speaking with you today all about your project DOUC IN DANGER. But before we get into all of that, can you first tell us all about yourself? Who are you, where are you from, and all that! Noel Campana: I …

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MadSadSharks: Instagram Meets Conservation

Treeswift Wildlife: There are many things we’re passionate about at Treeswift Wildlife & Nature – and one of those things, is the opportunity to meet with people from all around the world. Today, we meet with Meg from Sludgework to discuss her latest project, MadSadSharks – a new graphic design page that promotes conservation through anthropomorphic …

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