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Treeswift Wildlife & Nature is a wildlife watching and nature adventure organisation, committed to conservation, education and helping people connect with the natural world.

We specialise in world-class nature tours, offering a diverse variety of trips ranging from birding, mammal watching, spotlighting, photography courses, whale watching, herping & frog tours, photography tours, custom target species trips, and other unique nature experiences. 

Birding Tours

Home to over 850 species (46% of which are endemic), Australia is one of the world’s top birding destinations. No matter your location, dates, or target species, Treeswift Wildlife can organise the perfect tour for you with half, full, and multi-day options available. Come and experience the ultimate in Australian birding!

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The ‘Common Wombat’…what’s in a name?

Currently, there are three extant species of Wombat: The ‘Northern hairy-nosed Wombat’ (Lasiorhinus krefftii) listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ The ‘Southern hairy-nosed Wombat’ (Lasiorhinus latifrons) listed as

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